Artists Statement


Happy Notes Designs grew out of my own need for, and love of, inspirational quotes. Iíve been collecting them for years and sending them to my friends.

The actual designs were born when I volunteered to make party favors for the anniversary celebration of a group of which Iím a member. A friend suggested making bookmarks featuring encouraging slogans associated with this group, and then laminating them. To decorate them, I looked to the flowerbeds and grasses around my Swampscott, MA home and made collages.

On that anniversary day, I handed out thirty collages and then continued to make more for sale. Eventually, the need for larger quantities led to using a color copier. I found the results exciting, for the striations, color variations and clean lines produced by that method. Note cards and magnets soon followed.

My Jewish heritage informs everything I do. Though there are gems of almost every conceivable culture in my work, I especially appreciate disseminating words of love and wisdom by great Jewish thinkers. It is my hope that exposure to these words will help those who donít know us to understand us better.

That said, one of my favorite quotes comes from an anonymous (to me) East Indian gentleman whom I met at a difficult time in my life. When I marveled at the encouragement he was giving to me, a virtual stranger, he replied, "Miss, we are all one - one earth, one sky. It is just that some of us do not know this."